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Malaysia, Pangkor Pangkor Laut Estates

Eight distinct and private 2, 3 and 4 bedroom estates, on a privately owned island.

Pangkor Laut Estates features eight private sanctuaries, each woven seamlessly into the natural beauty and rich surroundings providing a celebration of the senses. The philosophy during construction was to massage the structures around the landscape – if a boulder was blocking the stairs, they built round it. The architect’s succinct description was “introvert in public, extrovert in private” and this is emphasised with only the outer facing wall having a wooden wall, door and window shutters, whereas the remaining three have bamboo blinds and curtains that can be opened to reveal crystal-clear glass walls will large sliding doors.  more...

Each Estate is designed to be completely self-contained, from the facilities of each property to the team of two butlers and a dedicated chef. In addition to the bedrooms, each Estate has a living pavilion, dining pavilion, garden, terrace and pool. The living pavilions are open-sided structures with large central areas, high steeply pitched two-tiered roofs which all encourage natural ventilation, making these beautiful cool and calm places for rest and relaxation. Each dining pavilion is placed to overlook the Straits of Malacca, with moving glass walls to allow diners to enjoy the sweet ocean breeze blowing through the rainforest and spectacular views, or when closed they also offer air conditioning.

With at least one Jacuzzi, a private pool and garden, it is easy to see why it is hard to leave the Estate, but the island has a great deal to offer. Stunning beaches, trekking through the rainforest with the resident naturalist or charter a yacht to explore the Straits of Malacca, plus of course any facility you wish to use at big sister property Pangkor Laut Resort. In addition to a selection of bars and restaurants, the unique Spa Village retreat extols the healing cultures of the region.

Pangkor Laut Estates belongs to the owners of SLH sister property Pangkor Laut Resort.

8 estates from 2 bedrooms up to 4 people, to 4 bedrooms up to 8 people
Price from
USD 17,640 for 7 nights
Open Seasons
All year
  • Family friendly
  • By The Beach
  • {Honeymoon Romance
  • Private Pool
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Island off the west coast
of Peninsular Malaysia.
4 hours by road from Kuala
Lumpur International Airport
to Marina Island Pangkor,
then 15 minutes by
private luxury boat.


The very nature of the location, mean that most guests stay on the island for the entire duration of their visit, and to be honest, why wouldn’t you! The images you have already seen are stunning, but the reality is even more so. It therefore makes sense for our recommendations to be mostly on the island. Whether you want to sample the delights the island has to offer in the complete privacy of your own Estate, or venture to the big sister Pangkor Laut Resort or the Spa Village, is up to you. Please note, the links on this page will open up an external website and Private Residences by SLH is not responsible for the content of these sites.

  • Best local fine dining restaurant – Fisherman’s Cove, Pangkor Laut Resort – lovely restaurant with fresh seafood a speciality.
  • Best casual restaurant – Chapman’s Bar, Pangkor Laut Resort – sits on Emerald Bay and serves salads, local specialities, noodles and barbecue.
  • Best restaurant for lunch – Royal Bay Beach Club, Pangkor Laut Resort – overlooking the infinity pool and serving Asian and Western food. In the evening, the restaurant transforms into a chic chill-out cocktail lounge.
  • Best place for a sundowner – A sunset cruise on the island’s own teakwood oriental junk
  • Best place for a picnic – Emerald Bay a beautiful sandy cove dividing the lush green forest and the beautiful clear sea.
  • Notable local cultural events , festivals or celebrations – Chinese New Year – always celebrated in style.
  • Must see – Pangkor island excursion – a true glimpse into life on the quiet island of Pangkor, situated opposite Pangkor Laut, a perfect photo opportunity of colourful towns, traditional Malay homes and narrow-winding streets.
  • Must do – The Chef’s Kitchen Experience – learn the executive chef's culinary secrets and delve into an extensive knowledge of exotic Asian herbs, spices and recipes. The trip includes a visit to a local fishery, dried seafood market, noodle maker and floating fish farm.
  • Must try – There are so many wonderful Malaysian foods to try, but for a staple why not try Sweet Potato Mantou, a soft, fluffy and sweet steamed bun best eaten warm. Nasi Ulam is a delicious, healthy and aromatic rice served with an assortment of herbs, toasted shredded coconut and is a great side dish often accompanied by Sambal Belacan a very popular local condiment made with chillies, belacan (shrimp paste), kalamansi lime, salt and sugar. Finally, try Ayam Kunyit, meaning turmeric chicken, which is served either goring (deep fried) or masak (stir fry) style, with turmeric onion, red chilli and often French beans for added texture.
  • Hidden secret – Many spas have one regional speciality, but the location of the island means it embraces the healing cultures of the whole region. Malaysia, with its diverse history of people and cultures, and a vast abundance of natural resources, means there are Chinese, Ayurvedic and Malay specialist consultants at the Spa Village


All Estates have at least one Jacuzzi, pool, terrace, garden, living pavilion, dining pavilion, air conditioning, fan, satellite television, DVD player, complimentary WiFi access, en suite bathroom with bath, shower, hairdryer, bathroom amenities, bathrobes and slippers.

Estate Six – The sunniest estate of all, Estate Six is on the eastern ridge of the hilltop and features a central lawn and lap pool that links all the pavilions. Next to the long lawn are the living pavilion and a private pool, which has a hot spa next to it. Each of the three bungalow bedrooms features either private balconies or verandas that are suspended over the surrounding greenery. The two outdoor Jacuzzis are sited within the bosom of the rainforest, enjoying natural privacy and seclusion with the surrounding stone walls and lush foliage.

Estate Eight – Every structure of Estate Eight is designed to blend in with the forest. The dining pavilion offers the most beautiful sunset views, while the living and resting pavilions overlook a free-form infinity pool, inspired by the shape of a lotus flower. Perched on the edge of a hillside, all three bungalow bedrooms have a private balcony and deck facing the sea.

Estate Nine – At the crest of the western ridge, Estate Nine enjoys a magnificent elevation with an enormous natural rock garden. The living and dining pavilions face the ocean, while the balconies of its four bungalow bedrooms overlook the rainforest. The bungalow bedrooms and three outdoor bath pavilions are reminiscent of secret sanctuaries. All the bungalow bedrooms encircle the hot spa pavilion, which was inspired by the tradition of Japanese onsen and is on a natural high point overlooking the free-form infinity pool and the forest canopy. For those who like their comforts both cerebral as well as creature, one of the courtyards features a giant chessboard.

Estate Seven – One of the largest and hilliest, Estate Seven has all its pavilions on staggered levels with four bungalow bedroom, dining, resting and living pavilion enjoying a unique elevated perspective of its surroundings. As a result, each bungalow bedrooms enjoy the most secluded and expansive private spaces in all the Estates. The resting pavilion extends into the forest at one end, and over the water of the infinity swimming pool with an outdoor Jacuzzi on the other. The living pavilion is open to the forest and is a delightful, relaxing space for contemplation or conversation.

Estate Five – Has three bungalows neatly tucked into the hillside and surrounded by lush vegetation. The most striking feature is the vast timber deck that surrounds the infinity swimming pool on three sides and connects directly to both the living and dining pavilions – an ideal party venue with sweeping views of the Straits of Malacca over the rainforest canopy. One bungalow bedroom has double volume bay windows, which make you feel as if you are melting into the forest, whilst another has a private outdoor Jacuzzi, and the third bungalow a timber veranda with commanding views of the sea and the rainforest. The resting pavilion has a view of the Straits of Malacca and is in a quiet corner of the Estate.

Estate Four – Affectionately referred to as the honeymoon Estate by newly-weds for its romantic ambience, the two bungalow bedroom Estate Four is also loved by families. The multi-levelled layout has leafy meandering pathways, surrounded by enormous cliffs and natural vertical gardens. Waves ripple under the living pavilion, which has elevated views of Marina Bay, and its free-form infinity swimming pool winds its way in front of the pavilions. The resting pavilion is adjacent to the pool and is screened by bamboo blinds. The dining pavilion and two bungalow bedrooms are up the hillside and from a private door within one of the bungalows, a natural sandstone footpath leads to a Jacuzzi pavilion, walled in by the forest and the hill with a roof of blue sky.

Estate One – Situated at one horn of Marina Bay’s crescent-shaped shore, the two bungalow bedroom Estate One enjoys the intimacy of a secluded bay and a panoramic view of the beach. Its seclusion is much appreciated by those who prize privacy or want a quiet, contemplative retreat. An infinity pool dominates the Estate, providing views over the bay. One bungalow bedroom has a private Jacuzzi within its own walled courtyard and garden. A feature of both bungalow bedrooms, are stunning views of the sea. A stone pathway leads to the living pavilion, while the dining pavilion is nestled amongst the rocks, offering diners breathtaking sea views.

Estate Two – Located in the private enclave of Marina Bay, Estate Two has a naturally formed freshwater pond that was converted to a swimming pool. All three bungalow bedrooms, the living, sitting and dining pavilions, radiate from the large pool like the spokes of a wheel. Of its three bungalow bedrooms, two have outdoor Jacuzzis that open to the sky and are located within their own enclosed private gardens, while the third has steps leading directly from the bedroom into the pool, perfect for a romantic moonlight swim.

Services & Facilities



  • Bar
  • Butler service
  • Concierge
  • Cookery lessons
  • In-room massage
  • Private chef
  • Security – 24 hour
  • Turndown service



  • Dining pavilion
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kitchen for guest use
  • Living pavilion
  • Lounge
  • Private garden
  • Private pool
  • Private terrace